The Life of Alfie & Hannah

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alfie  the mini schnauzer
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About Us

mini schnauzer alfie

Nicknames: Alfus-Talfus, Alfie-Balfie, Alf-Alf-Ba-Balf, Alfers-Balf

Likes: My best bud Hannah (although she is sometimes a pain!) Eating, Napping, Eating, Playing, Eating!

Dislikes: Getting brushed, Baths, Rain, Door Knocks, The EVIL Broom

Favorite Toys: Every toy MOMMY gets me, especially the ones that make LOTS of noise!

Favorite Food: I am crazy about LAMB! I also like Chicken Wings and Bananas, and don’t tell MOMMY, but DADDY sneaks me a french fry or potato chip every now and then! SHHHHHHHHH

Favorite Walk: In my yard


Arrival Story: I ‘member how Mommy and Daddy came to see me with my Mama and brothers. I was the only Salt-N-Pepper out of a litter of Black and Silver minis. I came up to my Mommy and tried to chew on her sweater belt and her expensive boots, and she picked me up and held me close to her heart. I think she and I knew that we were supposed to be together. Daddy liked me too because he said I was really cheerful and friendly! I had to wait before I could go home with her though, because it was her 1st semester in law school and she had to study real hard for her tests and stuff. Daddy picked me up and brung me home to Mommy when I was 10 weeks old. It was a long drive (about 4.5 hours) to get to Mommy’s, and I was on my way to my new home, so I was nervous and scared and a little “gasey” on the ride home.

Bio: Alfie was born October 5, 2002 in the country on the South Carolina-North Carolina border. He came from a litter of absolutely gorgeous pups. He is very sweet, handsome, laid-back, extremely shrewd, and he is and will always be my Alfie-Bear!

Motto: I’ll eat it!!!!!


mini schnauzer hannah

Nicknames: Hannah-Banana-Bann, Hannah-foFannah, Hannah-ba-Bannaby

Likes: Alfie my best bud (although he sometimes pecks away at my last nerve!) Getting belly rubs, Shredding paper, Eating, Napping, Car rides, Making Alfie chase me, Staring at people as if to say (“what a moron!”)

Dislikes: When Alfie takes toys from me, Door Knocks, Nail trims, Broccoli (eccck!)

Favorite Toy: I don’t really “do” toys, but when I am interested in a toy, Alfie sometimes runs up and takes it from me (he can be such a bully sometimes)

Favorite Food: Peanut butter and Apples, Chicken Wings, Cheese, and Sweet Potatoes

Favorite Walk: I like our yard


Arrival Story: Well, Mommy thought that Alfie needed a friend. She had no luck with adopting a schnauzer from a rescue or shelter, and you do know that if you have 1 schnauzer, you gotta get another one–eventually! So anyways, my Mommy and Daddy came to see me on the farm I was raised on. I had two other sisters, but Mommy and Daddy chose me because they knew I was sweet and liked to snuggle. When I got home, Alfie seemed scared of me or something, I don’t know. For about 1 day, he stayed away from me, but after that, I became his shadow and best buddy. He loves me to death and we do everything together.

Bio: Hannah is a Black-N-Silver mini. She is just a mere 13 pounds, and she “lets” Alfie be the boss, but she has more spunk and sass than any other dog we know, big or small! She is also known as “Miss Thang.”

Motto: I will if I feel like it…

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